At Jardinière, we continue to locally source our ingredients. The seasonable vegetables, greens, fruit, and herbs that we craft our dishes with are all grown and cultivated here in California, like the organic vegetables from Santa Cruz, Watsonville, and Marin County, and the fresh fish and natural honey from San Francisco’s own waters and beehives.

Learn more about our partners here:


Dirty Girl Produce

Certified organic family farm in Santa Cruz


Mariquita Farm

Small family farm near Watsonville


Star Route

Organic Marin County farm since 1974


Water to Table

Hook-and-line fish from the Bay Area, delivered directly to restaurants



Orchards near Brentwood


Urban Bee SF

Completely all-natural honey made by bees in San Francisco


Urban Bee SF, which promotes natural and sustainable urban beekeeping as well as healthy and strong bees, collaborates with Jardinière in the housing of a rooftop hive site. The honey produced in the four hives serves a delicious purpose in Jardinière’s dishes, but Urban Bee’s primary mission is still very much upheld: the health and wellness of the bees. Terry Oxford, longtime activist and environmentalist, developed Urban Bee with the desire to boost awareness about the importance of bees, and care for them in an urban environment without use of any chemicals pesticides, miticides, plastics or sugar. The bees thrive on the rooftops of San Francisco’s fine dining establishments, and the honey is an exquisite result. But Oxford and the restaurants involved care more about the bees than the honey. In an interview with National Geographic magazine, Oxford said “I provide the restaurants with honeycomb, but it’s more of an essence than in bulk. Having the bees on their roof is almost like having a mascot fororganic, sustainable .” The importance of organic and locally sourced food at Jardinière echoes (buzzes?) through our partnership with Urban Bee.