Fava Beans are a quintessential Spring vegetable

The leaves are a wonderful cover crop used to compost back into the soil to add nitrogen, they are widely used in sustainable agriculture. The early spring beans which we lean into -starved for the first of Spring and the end of winter roots, dried beans, etc are sometimes so small as to be more trouble than they are worth. But- they are actually really good blackened in their husks and paired with a drizzle of good olive oil,  late season Meyer Lemon, coarse sea salt. The fava bean funk comes out in this form and they are lovely eaten like edamame. The adolescent fava is perfect on it’s own or paired with other spring lovelies like peas, spring onions, asparagus; processed and lightly dressed- scattered over a salad. The old and crusty favas- those whose starch content has risen considerably- are best used in an entirely different fashion- much as you would use a dried bean.


Traci Des Jardins