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A great San Francisco dining experience

Traci Des Jardins’ signature restaurant in Hayes Valley and home base of 18 years. Jardinière is great hospitality. Modern French techniques with a San Francisco sensibility, a dining experience that can be both elegant and easy. We present a range of experiences tailored to reflect your mood: a multi-course tasting menu, leisurely, romantic dining, efficient and delicious pre-theatre plates and a bar and lounge for catching up over cocktails and small bites.

Purveyors: we couldn’t make lovely food without them

Cherished relationships that Traci has built over 24 years sourcing and preparing food in the Bay Area. Our farmers are our heroes, providing us with the inspiration to take the beauty they bring us and highlight it in finished dishes for the most discerning palettes. They care about people and the planet; we care about them.

  • Citizen

    Opportunity to make a difference

    There are many things that Traci loves about her career but ‘celebrity’ is not one of them. Private by nature, it has taken years to gracefully accept being recognized. The silver lining is the ability to leverage a public persona for good. TDJ endorses, helps create awareness and raises money for the causes she believes in. Hunger relief, agricultural and environmental issues and mentoring other female entrepreneurs are important themes to Traci’s role in the community.

  • Restaurateur

    Creating diverse Experiences

    Traci Des Jardins (TDJ) was trained in classic fine dining but appreciates many different types of restaurants and cuisine. Tacos from a street vendor in Mexico City and the taste of a farmer’s market peach at its seasonal peak – food is as much about the experience of where you are as it is about composition or flavor. TDJ has opened many restaurants over two decades, showcasing the history of California, representing the diversity of our culture, in a variety of dining experiences she appreciates.

  • Chef

    It’s more than just work

    It started as a passion to cook and has grown into a complex career. Previously, being a chef was limited to preparing and creating food. Traci has been a pioneer for women within the food industry and her experience as a chef is dynamic and visionary. Today she, like many others, wears multiple hats – as host, mentor, teacher, TV personality, mother, entrepreneur and so much more. At its core, Chef Traci says, “It is imperative to remain connected to the essence of being a chef – it’s about feeding people and their sensory experience, how food is presented and the environment in which it is encountered”.

  • Farm Girl

    From Firebaugh, California, the rich San Joaquin Valley

    Raised in a rural farm town dubbed the ‘Cantaloupe Capital of the World,’ TDJ grew up with an acute sense of how food was produced. She watched the plantings, harvests and production of migrant workers and farming neighbors. As a young teenager, she worked with animals in 4H; participating in the full cycle of raising livestock from birth to death to provide us with food. Growing up in San Joaquin valley, Traci’s cooking expresses her agrarian roots – a real farm to table understanding of the golden state.

  • Traci

    She started young

    Anchored to the kitchen from age three, Traci cooked with her Mexican grandmother, her avid amateur chef-Cajun grandfather and amazing Scandinavian-baker grandmother. Food was central to their lives. There were no processed foods, only dishes made from scratch. Traci tasted everything and liked most things- except for brussels sprouts, the accidental taste of battery acid and the crunch of a Christmas tree bulb.

Traci Des Jardins

Traci Des Jardins


Traci considers Jardinière her signature restaurant. She now leaves the daily menu decisions to the talented Chef Audie and his amazing team, but guides the process and keeps a watchful eye on her beloved home of 20 years.

Audie Golder

Audie Golder

Chef de Cuisine

A San Francisco native, his love for cooking began at home. Audie has a BA in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales. He started at Jardinière in 2011 and became Chef de Cuisine in 2016.

Alan Murray, MS

Alan Murray, MS

Wine Director

Alan Murray brings over 20 years of experience to the team at Jardiniere. Alan has been responsible for developing extensive and infinitely pleasing wine lists for Michelin-starred restaurant Masa’s, earning the Best of Excellence Awards from Wine Spectator 11 years in a row.  Alan is an avid educator, teaching for the Court of Master Sommeliers. In 2005 Alan attained the esteemed title of Master Sommelier, becoming the first Australian to earn this distinction.

Greg Stone

Greg Stone

Bar Director

An accomplished bartender and certified Sommelier, Greg Stone has been on the team at Jardinière since 2002. He travels the world studying spirits, wine and beer. 

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